Open to all Club Members, NO Competition License is required.

Who?    Open to all Club Members, NO Competition License is required. Drivers may share cars.

When? This Saturday at 10:00am. We will meet at the clubhouse and have a brief explanation of the event (aka. drivers meeting), we will then proceed to the course inside the north track. Length of event will be dependent on the number of participants.

How?    The event will begin with practice runs and then timed runs, very much like an Auto-X. Each driver will be charged a $100 entry fee. Please dress accordingly as this is an outside event. The ground will be frozen so be sure you’ve got suspension travel!

What?-amenities will be available?- Pizzas will be ordered and ready for the conclusion of the event as well as full bar service.

Why?    Because your tired of being inside and you want to come out to the club to have some fun of course!!

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Rally Cross Details
The series will consist of 4-5 races throughout the off season. These events will take place regardless of the weather (snow is better!).
The idea for this is to keep things simple and fun.

Cars will be restricted to:
• 2.5L engines or smaller.
• Front or rear wheel drive is fine, no 4wd at this time (think compact cars).
• A single roll hoop with down bars, proper race seat and harnesses, and window net will be required.
• DOT tires- likely snow tires

An entry fee will be required to cover the costs of operations. Drivers can share cars. Events will be timed runs.
Members are welcome to build their own cars or Havoc Motorsports will likely build some for rent. Jody Lift at Havoc has prior experience with Rally cars and would be a good source of information if you plan to build your own car. Cost of building your own car should be roughly $3K all in. In other words the intention is not for people to build something that would run in WRC. It’s meant to be fun and simple. Many members have already expressed an interest in this.

So don’t let the winter season get you down. Come out and have some fun!

If you would like more information please email MikeGritter@AutobahnCC.com