Drive Your Own Car on Track
• Professional Classroom Instruction
• High-speed track driving in Your Car
• Timed Autocross Competition

Full Day Advanced Driving School in Your Car
• Professional Classroom Instruction
• Braking & Cornering Drills
• Autocross & Skid Control Drills
• Multiple Lead/Follow Track Sessions

Full Day Advanced Defensive Driving Program
• Two Classroom Sessions Hosted by Pro Instructors
• Four Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Drills
• Emergency Braking in Wet Conditions
• Skid Control Drill
• Collision Avoidance
• Slalom Exercise with Backing Drill


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Your time at Autobahn includes more than exhilarating driving around the track. We’re a vibrant community of automotive enthusiasts who can’t stop chasing that adrenaline rush. Being a member connects you to everyone from novice drivers, to racing professionals and every type of enthusiast in between, who appreciate their prized vehicles and share your passion to drive in a safe and controlled environment. Autobahn makes every visit feel like coming home.


Member Track Time
w/ No Reservations Required

Miles of Track

Including custom designed race and kart tracks, skidpad, rallycross course, and offroad trail.


We invite all with a passion for motorsports to join our community, perfect for you and your family.


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Country Club Membership

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Ultimate access to our first class facilities.

• Unlimited Race Track Access
• Unlimited Kart Track Access
• Professional Driving Instruction
• Member Racing Series
• Club Social Events
• Includes Immediate Family
(children up to 27)

• Initiation Fee $45,000
• Annual Dues $5,900

Social Membership

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Join the Motorsports enthusiast culture.

• Unlimited Lunchtime Touring
• Access to Autobahn Offroad Trail
• One month Unlimited Track Privileges
• One year’s Membership Fee may be applied toward initiation
• Includes Immediate Family

• No Initiation Fee
• Annual Dues $4,800

Karting Membership

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Unlimited Kart Racing Track Access.

• Participation in Kart Racing League
• Youth Motorsports Start at Age 6
• Private Driving Instruction
• Discount on all Autobahn Driving Programs
• Unique driving opportunities
• Club Social Experiences
• Includes Immediate Family (children up to 27)

• No Initiation Fee
• Annual Dues $4,800


Autobahn Sprint 

Drive Your Own Car on Track

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy your street car on a world-class road course, Autobahn would like to make that happen! Our Autobahn Sprint Program gives you everything you need.

Classroom hosted by Autobahn’s driving instructors then a helmeted lead/follow track sessions in your car.  Finish with an exciting Autocross competition and great food in a unique motorsports club environment.

PRICE:  $399
RUN TIME: 3 Hours

Autobahn Performance Drive

Full Day Advanced Driving School in Your Car

This comprehensive performance driving school is designed to prepare you for everything you will need to know to confidently drive your car on track. The knowledge you gain from the classroom instruction and drills is put to use during your on track sessions. The final extended on track session includes in pit instruction to help you build on what you are learning during your time on track.

PRICE:  $599

Autobahn Advance Performance Drive

Half-Day, One-On-One Instruction for Groups up to Three

The next step in our ladder will have you working on track for the duration of the program. The day takes a more in-depth look at the racing line, vehicle dynamics and pushing your car to the limit. You will receive one session where one of our pro-instructors will ride with you and critic your line, a lead follow session and two open sessions utilizing video and data review after each. The day will conclude with food and drinks. Timing subject to change based on experience and date.

PRICE:  $699
RUN TIME: Half Day

Teen Driver Safety Training

Full-Day Advanced Defensive Driving Program

Unlike classroom-based or online programs, Autobahn’s training includes four hours of behind-the-wheel drills, giving teen drivers the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and practice the skills in a safe, controlled environment. Our instructors are professional race car drivers with years of training and experience.

PRICE:  $449

Autobahn Experience – Group • 12+ Participants

1/2 Day Classroom & Controlled Lapping in Our Performance Fleet

Ride and Drive events include professional driving instruction followed by three exciting activities in one half-day program using our our Performance Fleet with options from Audi, BMW, Lexus, MINI and Mercedes-Benz.

Autobahn Autocross – Group • 20+ Participants

Exciting Timed Competition

Compete against the clock and each other as you maneuver high-performance vehicles through a series of slaloms, tight hairpin turns and fast straight-away’s. Make sure you don’t hit a cone or you’ll be penalized. As much watching as it is driving.

Autobahn Karting – Group • 10+ Participants

Group Karting

You’ll be amazed by the incredible handling of our 50mph, CRG-chassis race karts on Autobahn’s .521 mile kart circuit. Groups of ten or more participants may select from multiple exciting events.

Fleet Driver Training – Group • 16+ Participants

Training Customized for Your Corporate Needs

Fleet driver training ensures that with rising insurance, repair, and medical costs, reducing or preventing accidents is critical. The professional instructors at Autobahn have developed an extensive one day driving program that covers skills training typically found in a multiple day program. Drivers enjoy approximately two hours of classroom, one hour of vehicle maintenance discussion, and three hours of actual driving time.

Law Enforcement Training – Group • 10+ Participants

The Best Protection for Your Officers

Law enforcement training ensure that with rising insurance, repair, and medical costs, reducing or preventing law enforcement accidents is crucial for officer safety, and that of the public they protect. The professional instructors at Autobahn have developed an extensive one day driving program that covers skills training typically found in a multiple day program. Drivers enjoy approximately two hours of classroom, one hour of vehicle maintenance discussion, and three hours of actual driving time.


Unmatched convenience for your Automotive Experience


Garage Condos & Buildings

Upgrade your track day experience into a stress-free weekend. Purchase existing real estate with unmatched views and full garage.

Purchasing property is just one way to take full advantage of Autobahn Country Club’s ecosystem of services. Our Garage Condos are move-in ready, and feature both living space and an expansive garage.

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Build Your Automotive Dreams!

By building or purchasing existing real estate with Autobahn, you can create a Garage Mahal fit for your automotive lifestyle. Want the ultimate garage? A premier gathering space? A family or corporate retreat? All three? The choice is yours.

Build your own Garage Mahal and fully realize your ultimate automotive vision. Build the perfect family friendly space, or your own ultimate bachelor pad, or race workshop your car collection deserves.

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Garage Rentals & Storage

Autobahn Country Club offers unmatched convenience opportunities for your automotive experience. Whether sharing a garage with an existing member, renting your own car storage facility, or even leaning on one of our Club service providers, we can elevate your track day experience.

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