SIM GEAR full motion driving simulators

With the introduction of the Autobahn Driver Academy and driver development program, we will be using a full motion driving simulator rig made by SIMGEAR as one of the tools used by our driving instructors.

SIMGEAR is a local company based out of Schaumburg, Illinois and was founded by active racer Zach Davis. SIMGEAR Motion Software not only supports a wide variety of gaming titles, but it also offers you the easiest experience from installation to tuning. The software auto updates without any interaction or need to reboot, finds newly installed games automatically and patches the games all on its own.

Zach Davis is a software and simulator expert and has spent countless hours ensuring that each title they support feels right without you having to tune any of the settings. The sim rigs are completely turn-key with computer, required software, speaker system, wheelbase, wheel, pedals and shifter if desired. Many options are available for the hardware and SIMGEAR provides a consultative approach, so your rig is built exactly how you want it and tuned for maximum performance and reliability. They also provide day 2 support, so your rig is always performing.


SIMGEAR is the official Sim rig partner of choice for the Autobahn Country Club and being that they are a local company makes delivery and set up of your new custom or semi-custom sim rig a snap.

Visit their web site at for detailed information or reach out to Zach directly at and let them know you are an Autobahn Member.