See the new improvements being made at the Kart track and paddock!

Although the track season has come to a close, we are still busy improving the Club. Among many other things keeping us busy, the weather cooperated allowing us to proceed with paving projects. Several areas have received new pavement including:

  •  Widening the paddock road by 15 feet on each side. Widening the portion of the road from the circle towards the main paddock will allow event participants to park further off the road. Markings on the ground will indicate where walkers should be freeing up space for those driving in this area improving safety for all.
  • Kart Track runoffs. Turn one and just after the hairpin on the hill now have paved run off areas.
  • North Pit lane. The entrance to North Pit Lane was breaking up and getting very bumpy. New asphalt improves the longevity and drivability of this portion.
  • Smaller areas include patches on the road by the skid pad and the area at North 2 where the tire walls are placed in full track configuration.

Another area of improvement was a concrete extension of the curbing at the exit of North 5.
This area at the beginning of the curb also includes additional drainage around the outside of the corner.