The plan was to try out a series (and car) that was professional and would provide an even playing field by competing in a factory backed platform which was series regulated. Brett “Skippy” Scroggin may have found it with SRO and the all BMW TCX class.

Scroggin, along with his sponsors, DuPage Lighting and Homewrecker Racing are 3 races into their 4-race commitment with the M2cs car and although a podium has escaped them so far, last week’s Road America event proved the most rewarding yet. In the weekends 2nd race, Brett finished 4th while recording a fastest lap that was 3rd best overall and a mere .19′ off the winners (and last year’s champion) best.

Of particular notice to his fellow racers has been the fact that Brett has never driven any of tracks he is competing at. He has literally gotten less than 20 laps of practice at each of the venues and then gone out to qualify, then race. And while the crew is getting more familiar with the M2, Scroggin says that “I’m getting more comfortable every time I go out for a session or race and with the coaching and set up help of Tony Kester, we are finding out what the car likes and how I can take advantage of its strengths”. He adds “the team has already become very close and while we are all focused, we never get too serious.”

All admit that while they are all looking for that first podium, no one is forgetting the primary goal……having fun!