SCCA has put up a special prize for anyone who wins their class during Oktoberfast. ALL Members are invited to race with SCCA Oct 23-24.

The offer is as follows:

The SCCA Chicago Region Competition Committee agrees to provide a 50% discount of the SCCA entry fee for any driver winning their class during the Autobahn’s Oktoberfast races on October 16 that decides to enter the Chicago Region Fall Classic October 23-24 at Autobahn.  The discount would reduce the $495 entry fee for the full weekend to $247.50 or alternately, if someone wanted to run just one day of the weekend it would reduce the one day entry fee from $375 to $187.50.  All we would need is a list of the winners and we could apply the discount when credit cards are charged after the event.

Registration for the Fall Classic is available on the website:

Any driver with a valid Autobahn Competition License is eligible to race with SCCA.

Any driver that would like help deciding on what SCCA class they should enter in should contact Joe Griffin who will be head of SCCA tech for the event.  As a general guideline, Spec Miata carries over to SM or SMT, Radicals can run in P2, and Formula Mazdas run in FX or the Regional FM class.  GT cars have a broad range of potential classes depending on degree of preparation.

George Laws or Peter Jankovski would be happy to take any general questions that potential entrants might have via email at or 630-738-0288.

SCCA also has an opportunity available to Chase racers with three 20-minute Time Trials sessions available on Saturday, October 23.  These are timed sessions with recognition for fastest time in each class.  Registration for the Time Trials session is available on the website:  Please contact Erik Vandermey for additional information on the Time Trials sessions.

This is a very nice offer from SCCA, would be great to see some ACC racers that weekend.