Don’t worry, you don’t need to watch your step in the paddock. We’re talking about a much less foul fowl. From time to time you may have seen a camera operator hanging off the back of an SUV, or maybe a drone chasing a speeding sports car. Chances are this was a Savage Geese production in the making! Autobahn is proud to be the Official Media Partner of Savage Geese, one of the most highly respected automotive YouTubers with over 600,000 followers. “Geese” videos often break the 1-2 million view mark, and are really very entertaining! Our feathered friend’s latest video features the first manufacturer authorized head-to-head challenge between a Porsche GT3 and a Corvette Z06. Collecting over 400,000 views in its first week, this video includes plenty of track and aerial views of our beautiful facility.

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