Stop searching for ice at any track & shave weight! The Rini Cooling System weighs just 4lbs, produces a never ending supply of 55 degree closed loop cool shirt temperatures rated at 140 degree in car ambient temps. Mounted in reach of the driver, with a simple turn of the settings knob, 4 settings provide for varying levels of cooling requirements. Draws just 6 amps of 12v dc power!

The system has been used by myself in limited use in windows down races. Included is the Rini machine itself, mounting plate w/quick release bracket, power harness adapter & an air purging and filling bottle. Works great for endurance racing with multiple drivers. Once each shirt is filled and purged, a military spec connector makes for quick attach and release.

From the manufacturer’s site:
RINI Technologies’ PCS-Auto is the smallest, lightest, and most effective Personal Cooling Solution available today. The PCS-Auto is powered via 12V and employs patented miniature refrigeration technology to continuously chill a flow of water to the Cooling Shirt. The PCS-Auto miniature cooling technology provides more heat transfer and is more efficient than air cooling or thermoelectric systems.

Cooling: 55°F-75°F Shirt Temp
Size: 2.9” x 5.0” x 6.5”
Weight: 4 lbs
Power Source: 12V
Power Usage: 6 amp

Lightly used (did sprint format races in a GT4 Cayman) functions & appearance is like new. Current retail cost is $7,800, $8500 after sales tax. Installation is simple and less than 30 minutes for a clean install.

Tony Weir
(630) 248-7140