Advanced Track Techniques – Half Day

Here’s what to Expect…

• Data Analysis
• Advanced Vehicle Dynamics
• Car Set Up
• Video Review

• $1149 IN YOUR CAR $1849 w/ Spec Miata $2449 w/BMW
• $699 IN YOUR CAR. $1099 w/ Spec Miata $1399 w/ BMW

• Must complete Advanced Performance Drive or have previous track experience and instructor approval

*After purchase, an Autobahn Instructor will contact you to confirm your eligibility to participate.

This day of private one on one coaching will help you extract that last bit of performance from you and your car. A customized program tailored for your skill set is sure to increase confidence and decrease lap times.
Our professional Instructors will assess your experience and focus on specific techniques to help you achieve your goals. This full day of 4 solo sessions on track with instructor review after each session will surely leave you satisfied and ready for your next day on track.

Drivers must be 18+ to participate and have a valid driver’s license. Helmets for use during program. Spec Miata or BMW use requires manual transmission experience.