Summer is moving right along and so is the Podcast.  Today the Podcast goes back to November when we sat down with Brad Beall for an in-depth interview about growing up in Las Vegas in the late 60’s and early 70’s, shifting gears we then talk about Air Force survival school, B-52’s and his time as a tail gunner.  We up shift as Brad tells us about the very first days of the Autobahn Country Club.  Brad is one of the instructors at the Autobahn Country Club. He can be seen at the Competition License School, Performance Drive, Teen Driving School and much more.  He has been a staple at the Club since it first opened, we are lucky to have him, and now we find out the rest of the story.  Join us and remember to subscribe to the podcast.  Send any questions or comments to, as we love to hear from the listeners.  All quiet at the club this weekend as 4th of July celebrations abound. Festival of Speed is on for the weekend of July 17-19 with lots of racing and activities and we hope to see you all out on the track. And now let’s welcome Brad Beall to the Autobahn County Club Podcast.

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