What a weekend! With over a thousand members and guests and 145 race entries, it was truly a great way to end the season! Can you believe we fit 38 Miata’s on track all at once?

Our first annual Classic & Vintage Car Show was a hit with both members and guests bringing out their best vehicles!

Chevrolet was excited to be a part of the weekend and loved the attention members gave to their Tahoe and C8 Corvette display vehicles. (Sorry, all the hats are gone but there are still plenty of Vette posters available!) The Continental Ferrari street drive and Isringhausen M2 BMW display were also a hit.

Chef Peggy and her team did a phenomenal job with our Saturday night dinner and Sunday brunch after the exciting podium ceremonies and fireworks display! 

The Kart racers had a wet and wild final race of the season that will truly be one for the books.

Even with all of the excitement going on, our members and guests did a great job of maintaining social distancing, limiting the number of crowds gathered, and smiling through their facial coverings.

We hope that next season we can return to normal and will see everyone’s smile once again!