Joe Tovo and Nitro Motorsports had a dominant weekend at Road America with NASCAR driver Brent Crews at the wheel of the #70 Ford Mustang. The Trans-Am Series by Pirelli Tire is incredibly competitive. This is especially the case in the TA2 Class. Of the 47 cars qualifying in the TA2 field, Nitro Motorsports and Brent Crews put their #70 Ford Mustang on pole position for the 100 mile race. 

From pole, Brent won the race and set the fastest race lap by just over 0.5 secs. 

The TA2 race car is a bespoke machine designed solely for racing. It is a tube frame chassis, fiberglass body, pushrod V8 with 500+ horsepower, and a 4-Speed dog ring racing transmission. 

The #70 Ford Mustang that dominated the Trans-Am race at Road America was prepped for the event at Autobahn Country Club by Nitro Motorsports. 

The race broadcast from Road America will be on CBS Sports Network this coming Sunday at 1:30PM and Monday 7/11 at 11AM. 

Congratulations on a dominant weekend!