Every driver on the car tracks this year will be required to wear an SA2010 or newer helmet.

Every 5 years the Snell Foundation updates its approval rating for autosport helmets. When these updates are released the acceptable age of a helmet is moved up as well. This fall the latest approval was released. 

If you purchase a new helmet it should have an SA2020 rating. You can find the rating for your helmet by gently pulling back the inner liner, there you will find an orange sticker that should say “SA” followed by a year as shown in the picture. Acceptable years are 2010, 2015, and 2020. 2010 helmets will be valid through the 2021 season, the following season will require 2015 certification.

If the year on your helmet is older than that it is no longer valid to use on track. Also note that it must be SA- if it says M (motorcycle) or K (kart) it will not be approved. 

Every car occupant on track, not just racers, will need to have their helmet inspected before going on track in 2021. Please stop by the Operations Office or see an instructor for inspection and an approval sticker. As always, helmets are not required for Lunchtime Touring.