Don’t you hate it when you show up for a Festival Buffet and realize that you left your buffet wristbands in the car, at your garage, or in your spouse’s pocket and she is nowhere to be found?! We sure do! Those wristbands are worth 30 bucks a pop and it’s very important that they are accounted for! So now, when you purchase your buffet wristband(s) at Registration, our team will put your band on your wrist right away. That way, it won’t get lost or forgotten and you won’t risk being charged TWICE for every meal! It’s a Win-Win and we sure do appreciate your cooperation. If you need wristbands for friends or family who are arriving later, they will need to stop at Registration themselves and it can be added to your Member Account. You can also always purchase your buffet wristbands anytime at the Clubhouse, where you will be asked to put it on immediately as well. We know wristbands can be annoying to wear, but, just like most of you, we have a business to run and we need your help! Just wear it, man! Please and thank you!