Drivers Start your Engines. Only one lap since our last show. The Podcast is always excited to get more time on the track. We have a massive grid for July at the Club. Kyle Nadeau and Ben Hasbrouck drift onto the show and drop the green flag on everything July at the club. Please come out and get behind the wheel of a kart, car, dirt bike, utv, or rally car during the month. 

Now is the month to put the pedal to the metal on track time, go wheel to wheel at the Clubhouse, or hit the apex with some new coaching. Yes, July is a great month at the Club. Don’t let the checkered flag fall without  getting everything out of the month of July at Autobahn.

Also remember that just last week our last show went around the track with John Harkenrider from HAVOC Motorsports. We don’t want you to get lap by another great podcast . So please make sure you are staying in close and bump drafting as we call the green flag. 

Have an idea for a show? Let us know!