If you tuned into any of the USFPro 2000 races last weekend at Circuit of the America’s, you would have seen a familiar face, Jordan Missig, racing in the #19 Pabst Racing car.

 When asked about the weekend, Missig said, “The weekend at COTA was a struggle, we didn’t have very good pace as a team and mainly stayed mid pack. Dirty Air played a big part in the racing as it made it very difficult to pass even with the long straight aways ” After a rough weekend only a few days ago, Missig has already moved on and is focusing on the season finale in Portland, Oregon where the Pabst Racing team has a chance for the team championship!

 With a team championship in reaching distance, Missig’s mindset going in is to help the team bring home the championship anyway he can.

 If you want to follow along, be sure to go to USFPro 2000’s YouTube channel as they’ll be live streaming both races!