Enjoy Your Passion, On Your Schedule

At Autobahn Country Club, you’ll be able to realize your ultimate automotive goals. With a variety of membership levels, you may hone your driving skills, experience unlimited track sessions without the track day traffic, build your own luxury garage, and be around a community of automotive enthusiasts.


Enthusiasts Atmosphere

Our member-base includes a variety of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs from all types of backgrounds and experiences, but we all have one thing in common: we love cars.

At Autobahn Country Club, it’s not just the on-track action that keeps members coming back, but the club atmosphere and culture as well.


Seat time equals speed. It’s just that simple. If you’re not satisfied with waiting an entire day at a track day for only twenty laps at pace, membership at Autobahn is for you.

Member racing opportunities, rally-x, karting, and continuous track sessions means that there are always opportunities to get behind the wheel at speed at Autobahn Country Club.

One -On-One Instruction

Frustrated with instruction and feedback at your track day events? At Autobahn Country Club, one-on-one instruction is always available to aid your driving pursuits.

Country Club Memberships may benefit from unlimited pro instruction including classroom, track, or skid car at $125/hour. Social members have classroom and skid car instruction access up to 5 times. Also, contact us about corporate events for your team and break out from the office!

Family and Friends Welcome

Membership at Autobahn Country Club is a family affair. We regularly host special member events and festivals which often include live entertainment, cocktail parties, and themed dinners.

Country Club and Social members and their guests can enjoy a 30 minute, no helmet, 50 to 60 mph drive on straights and through corners in your own car following a pace car on the racing line.

Member Racing

The popular Member Racing Series sets up exciting competition with equally classed drivers. 

Divisions include:

• Miata, GT, Enduro, Wings‐n‐Things, Chase Race
• Kart Racing Series
• Member Autocross Series
• Member Rallycross Series
• Professional Driving Instruction

Karting Track

Membership at Autobahn Country Club includes access to our new Karting Facility, Track and Racing Leagues.



Country Club and Corporate Membership amenities include high-speed lapping on the day’s designated Member Track (North, South, or Full). 20-30 minute run groups will follow daily schedules posted in advance. Country Club, Corporate , and Social Members may enjoy the 30-minute, mid-day Lunchtime Touring Session.

Country Club, Social and Karting Membership amenities include immediate family (spouse or named significant other) and children under 27 years old. Autobahn is an exciting destination for you and your entire family. The social aspect of the Club is very important to us. We regularly host special member events and festivals which often include live entertainment, cocktail parties, and themed dinners. You will meet a wide variety of people who share your passion for all things fast.
Country Club, Social and Karting Members may enjoy our Member Clubhouse Lounge where breakfast and lunch are served daily. Once your track day is over, cool off with a drink at the bar or enjoy a cigar on the patio. Planning a big event? Our 6,100 sq ft exhibition space is available for corporate entertainment, family gatherings, or charity banquets.
The half-mile Kart Circuit is available to Country Club, Social and Karting Members weekday’s and weekend’s following a pre-set schedule. Karting is an excellent way to fine-tune your driving skills and expand your racing knowledge. Members may run their own karts or rent Autobahn’s fleet, including karts suitable for younger children.

Country Club may benefit from unlimited, one-on-one instruction with Autobahn’s team of pro instructors and may include classroom, track, or skid car at $125/hour. Social Members may participate in unlimited classroom and skid car instruction and up to five, on-track sessions in the lifetime of their membership.

Country Club, Social & Karting Members, and their guests are encouraged to enjoy the Member Track during our daily Lunchtime Touring Session. Autobahn’s Performance Fleet vehicles may be reserved in advance or drive your own car during this 30 minute, no helmet, 50 to 60 mph drive on straights and through corners in your own car following a pace car on the racing line.
Country Club Members may invite a guest to drive on the Member Track for a daily fee. The guest must participate in a safety orientation highlighting track rules, courtesies, passing regulations, racing line, etc. Additionally, an evaluation of their driving skills will be performed. Members must be on-site with their guest(s).




Interested in membership at Autobahn Country Club? Explore our track, our amenities, our resources and community. The Autobahn Test Drive is your immersive tour of what we can offer and assist for your membership.

Take a tour of the track, talk cars with our members, and tour our realty options to begin your membership experience. Contact us today to schedule your test drive.

Included in your Test Drive:
• Facility Tour
• Complimentary Lunch to discuss membership benefits
• Lunchtime Touring session in your vehicle
• Average visit length: 2 Hours

We encourage you to plan a visit so we may discuss the many benefits of membership and provide a facility tour.    Low-speed track access may be available if weather permits.

Country Club Membership

Or Call (815) 722-2223

Ultimate access to our first class facilities.

• Unlimited Race Track Access
• Unlimited Kart Track Access
• Professional Driving Instruction
• Member Racing Series
• Club Social Events
• Includes Immediate Family (children up to 27)

• Initiation Fee $45,000
• Annual Dues $6,100

Social Membership

Or Call (815) 722-2223

Join the Motorsports enthusiast culture.

• Unlimited Lunchtime Touring
• Access to Autobahn Offroad Trail
• One month Unlimited Track Privileges
• One year’s Membership Fee may be applied toward initiation
• Includes Immediate Family

• No Initiation Fee
• Annual Dues $5,100

Karting Membership

Or Call (815) 722-2223

Unlimited Kart Racing Track Access.

• Participation in Kart Racing League
• Youth Motorsports Start at Age 6
• Private Driving Instruction
• Discount on all Autobahn Driving Programs
• Unique driving opportunities
• Club Social Experiences
• Includes Immediate Family (children up to 27)

• No Initiation Fee
• Annual Dues $5,100

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