Chicagoland’s Jordan Missig entered his first-ever Thunderhill event in a familiar car, the Radical SR3. Missig spent many years developing and winning in that vehicle both on the national and club level. When the opportunity arrived, Missig was invited to participate with One Motorsports, co-driven with Tony Bullock, Jeff Shafer and Josh Sarchet.

The team found raw pace straight into the weekend against similar Radical and prototype competitors. Once the race began, they traded the lead with another team in class before hitting a massive fog storm at around the 8-hour mark. The race was delayed through the night until the fog cleared at 5am. When it went back to green, it was on. With a slight mechanical scare with two hours to go, Jordan was able to use his experience with the Radical to help nurse the car home, keeping it at a winning pace without over-driving the car. The second-place car was slowly closing the gap, but with 30 minutes to go had a mechanical issue of its own. At the end, Missig was the first to cross the line at the 25-Hour mark, winning the race by 6 laps over the second-place car.

“I can’t thank the guys at One Motorsports enough for all their efforts leading up to this race. All the perfectly timed pit stops and preparation are what helped win this event. Tony, Josh, and Jeff all nailed their stints. A big thank you goes out to Jeff Shafer for thinking of me and giving me this opportunity to give One Motorsports its first overall 25-hour victory. I can’t wait to be back at this event.”