As the exciting iRacing season went out with a bang as Autobahn racers competed in a grueling 6 race series over the winter months. It all culminated in the final grand finale held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the infamous Autobahn 100. Racers lined up on the starting line as they battled for the grand prize and a years worth of bragging rights. Jensen Benet took pole position and led the first part of the race quickly followed by Brian Helmintoler however there was accidental contact in the pits which knocked both drivers out of contention. Zach Kubinski capilized on the mistake and took the lead. Connor Willis was nipping at his heels the whole race however couldn’t pull off the pass which lead to Kubinski taking home the checkered flag along with donuts in victory lane. Connor Willis’ solid second place solidified his championship standing.

 A big congratulations goes to Connor Willis as the 2021 Autobahn iRacing Series Champion.

Thank you to all those participants, it was a great season and we look forward to racing again very soon.