The Club’s Member Committee is a tremendous resource for Club members to offer suggestions, raise concerns and to facilitate overall member communication.   The Committee’s primary mission is to serve as a liaison between Club members and the Club’s management team, and to provide a centralized forum for members to make recommendations, offer assistance, and raise issues and concerns.  The Member Committee has been extremely helpful in providing excellent feedback to the Club’s management team.  The Member Committee is comprised of representatives from every membership category.  The Committee’s members for 2020 are:

Rob Weidenaar (Chair)                  John Oliver
Charley Margosian                         Jon Millikin
Tony Weir                                       Scott Bowman
Mike Kerwin

The Club’s management team greatly appreciates the time and effort each member of the Member Committee devotes for the betterment of the Club and we encourage Club members to reach out to any member of the Member Committee on matters involving the Club.  A separate e-mail address is also available to send e-mail messages directly to the Member Committee.  This e-mail address is

If you would like to serve on the Member Committee, please reach out the any member of the Member Committee or the Club’s management team.  Thank you for your support.