Saturday, July 23rd, Autobahn Country Club would like to invite you to participate in the GT Driver Seminar. This event is open to all GT series competitors.

This event will be led by Britt Casey Jr. (Chief Instructor of Driver Development) in the Hagerty Lounge. The goal of the GT Driver Seminar is for all drivers to improve their lap times and competitiveness at Autobahn in a seminar format. 

As a group, we will analyze and critique participant video and data to better understand where speed is typically lost and gained at Autobahn. The GT Driver Seminar will include three on-track sessions supplemented by debriefs and presentations to discuss the different aspects of making fast laps in a GT car. 

Topics for the GT Driver Seminar Include:

  • Brake Application Styles 
  • Minimum Corner Speed
  • Gear Selection Strategy 
  • Steering Inputs 
  • Corner-Dependent Driving Styles and Lines
  • High-Horsepower Throttle Control
  • Effects of Differential Locking and Ramping 
  • Race Craft Scenarios

Requirements for Participation

  • Current GT Racer at Autobahn
  • Tires with Sufficient Life for Three Full Sessions
  • Onboard Camera with Fully Cleared SD Card
  • Onboard Data System with Latest Firmware Updates (AiM, Motec)

Fee for Participation: $150

Please RSVP to the Autobahn App or by emailing