Come walk the Full Track with our Chief Instructor of Driver Development, Britt Casey, on July 15th at 5:30PM, during Festival of Speed. Drivers who participate in the Track Walk have the opportunity to stop at each corner and analyze the nuances, surface characteristics, and technical details with the group led by Britt. The Track Walk will provide new perspective and professional tips for improving your skills, lap times, and racecraft. 

The Track Walk will begin at 5:30PM on Friday July 15th. The group will be meeting at the North Track pit lane exit. Pit vehicles (golf carts, bicycles, etc) are welcomed for the Track Walk. 

The Track Walk will not conflict with the Friday dinner in the clubhouse. There will be plenty of time after the Track Walk is finished!

Price: $50 per driver and is limited to twenty drivers. Sign up with the Autobahn App or by emailing