Former Autobahn Executive Chef Peggy Gerdes has left Illinois for her secluded retreat at an undisclosed location deep in the north woods as confirmed by this exclusive spyshot acquired through TMZ. In spite of her clever disguises, paparazzi have also spotted Gerdes patronizing assorted Wisconsin supper clubs with her husband Dave!

After over 17 years of faithful service to Autobahn and its members, Chef Peggy’s retirement has officially begun. Peggy spent much of last season preparing her team for this planned departure, so members will continue to enjoy the exceptional culinary service they’ve come to expect. No doubt Peggy & Dave will return next spring to enjoy life as members, minus Peggy’s chef jacket and toque blanche. 

Please join all of us as we congratulate Chef Peggy for her many years of dedicated service to the Club. We’re grateful for Peggy’s leadership, putting Autobahn on the map as the only fine dining establishment with a race track attached to it!

Thank you, Peggy!