Brandon Collins and Sean Varwig are no strangers to the racing scene. Each of them has years of experience in a variety of vehicles, from go-karts all the way up to the upper echelon of motorsports in Porsche Carrera Cup cars. In 2024, the two are taking a step in a new direction, with the formation of their own team. “It’s going to be a learning experience for sure, but we are both really excited for this new
adventure,” says Varwig.

The newly formed Javelin Motorsports already has people rethinking what club racing can lead to. This isn’t surprising considering Varwig’s professional experience and Collins’ accolades and knowledge of SCCA Spec Miata racing, which the two claim should “complement each other to make a successful team.”

“We realized that we share values regarding racing, including being strategic, being passionate, doing things to your fullest potential, and having fun. These values were our driving force in creating Javelin  Motorsports,” says Collins.

Collins and Varwig both bring Miata racing success to their new endeavor. Collins has won three Spec Miata championships at Autobahn Country Club, competed in two SCCA national championship runoffs, and won an SCCA regional championship. Varwig is not unfamiliar with the runoffs either, after competing in both the 2021 and 2022 national championships.

Brandon and Sean started their automotive careers early at Autobahn and still compete in the member racing series. Both intend on continuing to be active drivers at the club and having a team presence at the club as well.

“I think racing itself has gotten a bit too serious, to the point where people lose sight of how cool what they are doing is,” says Varwig. “Brandon and I have had a shared passion for the sport since before we had even driven a car, and this is just the culmination of that vision.”

Both drivers are excited about the upcoming season and experiencing what is to come. When asked about where this team might go, Varwig simply said,” For the moment, we are focused on Road Atlanta coming up in March and getting our two cars across that finish line before anyone else. After that, we can think about our next steps and possibly expanding the team.”