Sprint • $377.10

Performance Drive • $584.10

Advanced Performance • $944.10

Teen Defensive Driving • $404.10*

*Plus 2 Passes for the Kart Track


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Autobahn Sprint

$419  $377.10

Drive your car on track

Here’s what to expect…

• Professional classroom instruction
• High-speed track driving in your car
• Timed autocross competition
• Award ceremony & buffet meal

Three, 45-min segments:

• Classroom – Learn the fundamentals of car control, weight distribution, braking, and cornering from Autobahn Driver Academy Instructors.
• Several helmeted, high-speed lapping sessions on Autobahn’s 1.5-mi North Circuit following an instructor. Hug the corners, throttle up in the straight-away’s, and cut loose your car in a safe, controlled environment.
• Multiple attempts at your fastest lap on our challenging autocross course. Acceleration, braking, and precise cornering is needed to negotiate this coned course. We provide 1-on-1 instruction between laps.

Head to the Clubhouse where our instructors will host an award ceremony acknowledging the fastest autocross competitors. End the day with a hot buffet meal prepared by our Hospitality Team.

Drivers must be 18+ to participate and have a valid driver’s license.
One passenger is allowed for an additional $35. Passenger must be 18+.

Program Gift Certificate

Performance Drive

$649  $584.10

Introduction to High Performance Track Driving

Here’s what to expect…

• Learn the basics of driving on a racetrack.
• Professional Instruction
• Classroom & Track Time
• Lunch Included
• Use your own car.

Full Day Driving Course

This full day high performance driving course begins with a classroom session covering the basics of vehicle dynamics, proper driving line, body position, and flags. Our professional instructors will then guide you through a series of driving drills that will prepare you for what to expect on track. Then it’s time to hit the racetrack. This will begin with touring laps at a controlled speed. The afternoon will have you on the track following our instructors around the course getting you comfortable as we bring up the speed. Each session is followed by classroom instruction/review with our instructors. The day will culminate with a solo session on track putting all that you have learned into practice.

Join a group on select dates and share the experience with like-minded enthusiasts or choose a date convenient for you and enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction. Make inquiries to . Solo program is $849.  Select Solo Program Voucher below.

Drivers must be 18+ to participate and have a valid driver’s license. Helmets for use during program.

Solo Program Gift Certificate

Program Gift Certificate

Performance Drive

$1,049  $944.10

Advanced Track Driving

Here’s what to expect…

• Increased Track Time
• Video Review
• Advanced Driving Skills
• Increase Performance in a Safe Manner
• Use your own car or rent one of our Academy Race Cars
• Must complete Performance Drive or have previous track experience and instructor approval.

*After purchase, an Autobahn Instructor will contact you to confirm your eligibility to participate.

The next step in our ladder will have you working on track for the duration of the program. The day takes a more in-depth look at the racing line, vehicle dynamics and pushing your car to the limit. You will receive a touring session to get warmed up, a lead follow session and two open sessions utilizing video and data review after each. Lunch is included.

Choose a date convenient for you and enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction ($1,049 in your car or $1,550 w/Spec Miata or $2,150 w/ BMW M3 E46 ). Make inquiries to .

Drivers must be 18+ to participate and have a valid driver’s license. Helmets for use during program. Spec Miata or BMW use requires manual transmission experience.

Program Gift Certificate

Voucher w/ Spec Miata

Voucher w/ BMW

Teen Driver Safety Training

$449  $404.10

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Reserve your spot today!

Autobahn’s training includes four hours of behind-the-wheel drills, giving teen drivers the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and practice the skills in a safe, controlled environment. Our instructors are professional race car drivers with years of training and experience.

In the classroom, your teen will learn the concepts of driving safety:

  • How cars react under emergency environments
  • The basics of car control
  • Common mistakes of other drivers on the road
  • How to avoid accidents in the first place

Drivers must have a current driver’s license. Participant’s vehicle must be in safe operating condition subject to instructor approval. Skid Control Drill utilizes an Autobahn vehicle.

Teen Driver Safety Gift Certificate

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