Storied rotorcraft manufacturer, Bell Textron, will have one of their demonstrator helicopter on display at this year’s OktoberFast.. 

 Founded in 1935 as Bell Aircraft Corporation, Bell was the first aircraft builder to obtain certification for a commercial helicopter. Over their rich history, Bell has delivered more than 35,000 rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft to customers around the world and continues to set the pace for the industry, expanding the scope of vertical lift.  Bell considers themselves more than aviation experts, rather being on the cutting edge of vertical lift aviation.  

 Local Bell rep, Ben Lassiter commented, “We’re pioneers. We challenge what’s possible. From breaking the sound barrier to developing tiltrotor technology, we’ve reimagined the experience of flight for more than 85 years. Today, we’re redefining what flight is capable of.  We were the first to break the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 and to certify the commercial helicopter, with the Model 47, and today, we are delivering reliable, safe, runway independent helicopters with a top speed off 175 miles per hour.”

 Bell’s current commercial product line includes several twin and single engine helicopter models with instrument or visual flight rule capabilities. 

 Headquartered in north Texas – as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron Inc., Bell has plants in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Amarillo, Texas and Mirabel, Canada. Additionally, Bell maintains key logistics supply and service centers in the United States, Europe, Canada and Singapore which enables Bell to provide every customer with products, service and support second to none.

 Bell’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing product improvements is represented in their helicopters, plus industry leading aftermarket customer support is strong evidence of an unequaled dedication to keeping customer’s aircraft operational and mission ready, while providing the highest part availability rates in the industry.

 For additional information on the demonstrator aircraft that will be at Autobahn, contract the Chicago based Bell Textron Regional Sales Manager, Ben Lassiter;, 316.494.0489