While it may not be their actual home track, Autobahn Radical drivers made it known they rule Road America as well.  Stand out drives from the 1340 class included Chris Kemp taking home a spectacular win in race #1.  This was Kemp’s first victory in the series, and he backed it up with a 2nd in race 2 and then put the exclamation point on it with another victory in the 3rd and final race of the weekend. Along with Kemp’s great showing, Mike Anzaldi confirmed the strength of the Autobahn line up by placing on the podium in all 3 races.

One more Autobahn driver got himself on the list when the race 3 results were Kemp, Anzaldi and John Rante, making it an all Autobahn podium.  Couple this with a fine showing for Louis Schriber who managed a 2nd  in the 1500 class race 2, and the Team Stradale supported contingency made it known the Autobahn crew races and WINS!