More Autobahn Members compete in Radical Cup North America than any other external championship. For their home race, Road America, there will be a total of seven Autobahn drivers competing for class and overall wins this coming weekend. 

Each driver and their corresponding car number and class are listed below:

PRO 1340 Class Drivers

  • Mike Anzaldi (RYNO Racing #1) *Current PRO 1340 Class Champion*
  • Mike D’Ambrose (Team Stradale #6)
  • Andrew Marks (Team Stradale #14)
  • Robert Cipriani (Team Stradale #55)
  • Chris Kemp (Team Stradale #153)
  • Jason Greenwood (RYNO Racing #529)

Platinum Class Driver

  • Louis Schriber (RYNO Racing #111)

Be sure to tune in at the following times via the live stream link below!

Race 1 (40mins) : 6/10 @ 4:55PM CST
Race 2 (40mins) : 6/11 @ 5:05PM CST
Race 3 (40mins) : 6/12 @ 2:15PM CST

Best of luck to you all!