The Autobahn Driver Academy is designed to teach drivers how to extract the most out of their cars and the race track. Within Autobahn Country Club, the driving skills of members is unmatched nationwide. This is further validated on the results sheets of daily sessions at the track, improving awareness and safety for all members, as well as the competitiveness and health of Autobahn Member Racing Championships.


The ethos of Autobahn Driver Academy is to provide members with the professional guidance, resources, and setting to develop advanced driving skills and achieve personal driving goals.


Outside of Autobahn Country Club, members have excelled in their chosen paths in pursuit of motorsport goals. Members have succeeded within the professional ranks of road-course racing. These successes further validate Autobahn’s ability to produce drivers and racers alike.

 Whether the goal is continuous improvement of personal best lap times, becoming a better driver in the rain, or preparing a career and winning races at the highest levels of professional motorsport, the Autobahn Driver Academy caters to the entire member community.

 The Autobahn Driver Academy serves the Autobahn Member Experience at the individual level and ensures value in the forms of driver skill development and personal fulfillment.