For Sale, my 2012 Porsche Cayman R PDK with a 3.8L engine X.51 Power Kit.

Built by Deman Motorsports in 2022. The Car has 6K miles and change on it, the build was done with 4K miles and change, with a new 3.8L X.51 power kit engine, with a DeMan Tune. The PDK is the original one from the Cayman R. Carbon Fiber GT3 Front End and Carbon Fiber Doors.

Has GT3 Front Brakes, I also upgraded to the GT3 Front Brake Master Cylinder last year. M&M Exhaust, JRZ 2 Way Coilovers. Upgraded to the AIM 5″ Color Screen with Backup Camera (the pic here has the older AIM screen). Has the CoolShirt setup.

Meticulously maintained by Eurosport last year. We have not dyno’ed the car yet, but we believe it is about 450 HP and it would likely be in the GT2 Class. Or it may be able to be “held back” to GT3.

In my intermediate hands, here are the best laps from last fall, with Michelin Slicks. No doubt someone with more experience could do even better in the car.

South Track – 1:28.91:
North Track – 1:04.78:

Over the Winter George and team are putting on a larger front splitter and a larger Carbon Fiber Getty Wing for increased downforce, the wing on there last year was a little on the small side relative to the capabilities of the car.

Asking $130K. Please email or text, I am most often on work calls during the weekdays. Thank you!

Pete Dale
(408) 368-5893