1 & 2 Day Programs (Classroom & In-Car)

Our fully customizable driving schools instills you with the confidence of a professional racecar driver.  You’ll acquire and practice the necessary skills that serve as a foundation for every level of need.  Autobahn takes a ‘hands-on’ approach; you drive, we teach.  This program features the perfect track car, the light and well balanced BMW Z3 Roadster. Drivers will instantly feel confident and comfortable taking the car to the limit with side-by-side coaching from one of our experienced professionals.   

The 2 Day program continues to build experience to the skills and techniques of day 1. The afternoon sessions give the participant the opportunity to drive their personal car on the track in performance lapping sessions.

Program Name: Advanced Performance Driving School
Price: 1 Day Program - $1,395
2 Day Program - $2,495
Run Time: 8 hours & 16 Hours
Individual Sign Up Program can Accomodate 10-24
(Small groups of 4 Drivers can be arranged)
Meeting Space & Food Package: Included
Program Dates: Date Pending
Call  Ron Dabisch at 1-815-823-8570  for Booking Information

Program Overview

This program is run by Autobahn Manager of Driver Development, Francesco D'Avola.

Each driver participant will be fully engaged in a hands-on approach to master the following areas of driving:

  • Safety & Flags
  • Driver Position
  • Advanced Cornering Techniques
  • Advanced Car Control
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Science of Driving (acceleration, braking and gear changes)
  • Weight Transfer
  • Going beyond the limits of adhesion
  • Accidents analysis
  • Driving in abnormal conditions
  • Interpreting Vehicle Behaviors
  • Race Craft
  • Initial Set-up
  • Starts and Race Conditioning
  • Overtaking
  • Mental and Physical Prep



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